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Downingtown Police Department

Integrity ~ Professionalism ~ Honor ~ Service

Howard L. Holland, Police Chief

Downingtown Police Department
10 W. Lancaster Avenue
Downingtown, PA 19335
Phone: 610-269-0263 Fax: 610-269-8754



It is the mission of the Downingtown Police Department to provide professional, courteous, and prompt  police service to all people while vigorously, but fairly, enforcing the law. To further its mission, the Downingtown Police Department strives to establish a safe community by providing the public with an array of community-based programs and educational programs.  The Department will strive to promote wellness, vitality and spirituality for the members.    


The Downingtown Police Department is located in the center of Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Our jurisdiction provides service to the Borough of Downingtown and East Caln Township. The department covers an area comprised of residential, commercial, corporate and retail centers.  The Police Department also covers a large number of events that include Town Events, Benefit Runs, extensive park and recreational programs.  We proved service to both public and private schools.

The Downingtown Police Department, comprised of 18 full time sworn Officers, 9 part time sworn Officers, 2 full time Dispatchers, 1 part time Dispatcher, 1 full time Administrative Assistant, and 1 Parking Enforcement Officer, is responsible for the public safety and protection of its citizens.
Comprised of four divisions, Patrol Division, Investigative Division, Parking Division and Administrative Division, the Police Department is responsible for all calls for assistance and service, including fire and emergency medical assistance, and Homeland Security concerns.
The Police Department serves as the public answering point for all 9-1-1 calls within the Borough of Downingtown and East Caln Township. Whenever a resident calls 9-1-1, the telephone will be answered by Chester County Department of Emergency Services personnel who will then dispatch the associated emergency response units.
The Police Department responds to all 9-1-1 emergencies. During the weekday hours of 8:00 am until midnight, except on holidays, the Downingtown Police Department Dispatch area is staffed. The Downingtown Dispatch is required to handle the volume of walk in complaints and also for all dispatching calls not received by Chester County Department of Emergency Services. 
The non-emergency phone number for the Downingtown Dispatch area is 610-269-0263. On the days that the Downingtown Dispatch is not staffed the non emergency number for Chester County Department of Emergency Services is 610-383-7000. 
In the event of an emergency, all residents are urged to call 9-1-1.


We have INTEGRITY. We commit ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. We maintain the public trust through the performance of our duty without favor or prejudice. We conduct ourselves in our professional and personal lives in a manner beyond reproach. The honor among us serves as an example to all. 

We are PROFESSIONALS. We commit ourselves to excellence by providing the highest quality service to the community. We maintain a well trained, disciplined and innovative work force dedicated to continuous improvement. 

We show RESPECT. We commit ourselves to uniting the public and the police by treating each other in an unbiased, dignified and compassionate manner. We value the diversity of our community by providing timely, impartial and courteous service to all.

 We serve with HONOR. We commit ourselves  to the highest moral principles and maintain strict conformity to expected policing standards.  We serve with distinction that is reflected in how we present ourselves in performance of our duties. 

We believe in SERVICE. We conduct ourselves with the belief that the nature of Police work is founded in the act of helping those in need.  We understand that we serve the needs of the public and promote that belief throughout our agency, which is reflected by our conduct.

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